Monday, 29 June 2015

Introducing Miss Pond

Our youngest daughter Emily, AKA Miss Pond, is about to be embarrassed. For a start, she hates some of the photos I've chosen - this one for instance, when she was 8 months old and had no choice in what she was going to wear. A dress and bonnet hand knitted by yours truly!

I think she looks quite sweet. The next one is even worse in her opinion. We were trying to grow out her fringe. So it was either leave it to dangle in her eyes, cover her head with a scarf or hat, pin the fringe up with masses of grips and hair slides, or my own unique style - tie it up in a bobble.

I think she'd lost a couple of front teeth too, hence the strange smile! 

We often went on holiday to the East Coast, and would have to buy lots of cuddly toys for her, so we needed a separate bag just to take them home in. This photo was taken inside my parents' caravan at Ingoldmells. We went here for several years, until mum and dad had to dispose of it.

Murky, Lurky, Gordon the Gopher, a smiley bag, and someone whose name I've forgotten

Emily in her school uniform

As you can see, she has by this time taken charge of her own hair. No more odd looking top knots, wonky bunches, or pigtails at an odd angle. Her hair grew really long, and we were both very proud of it. When she needed a trim, she had to stand up while the hairdresser knelt on the floor. I wasn't allowed anywhere near it at all. Wonder why?

At an animal petting farm in Ingoldmells

With her sister Helen 2011

This last photo with Helen was taken at our youngest son Jonathan's wedding. More of him next. 

If you would like to see some of what Emily calls her 'lovely tat' visit her blog at:

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gardens 2015

Before I move on to our youngest daughter, I thought you'd like a few more garden photos. These were taken today, Saturday 27th June 2015, by Chris.

We have deer in the undergrowth

Along with a couple of flamingo, here is one of them

Hanging basket full of Impatiens

A hardy Fuchsia


A beautiful tub of Roses, ferns and another hardy Fuchsia 

Mealworms in the border

A Heron

Red Rose

Aruncus Sylvestris, Spindle Tree and bird feeders

White Rose

Next time, meet Miss Pond.

My Gingernut

I love red hair. I've always loved red hair. So when Richard was born - with red hair - I was delighted. As a small child, it was a lovely coppery colour, and curly. Now it is a dark brownish red, but still red.

The stripey blob in the background is me!

As a baby, he was very placid and easy going. When he was able to sit up alone, if one of his sisters sat next to him, he would lean on them. Some say that's laziness, maybe they're right. He got on quite well with his sisters, and they would sometimes condescend to let him join in their games - on one condition. He either had to be the man of the house who went out to work, so had to play quietly in the corner and not bother them. Or he would be the pet dog, and sit quietly in a box in the corner, and not bother them. By the way, he is 6 foot 3 inches, happily married with two children. So playing 'dog' doesn't seem to have harmed him at all. 

Looking very ginger

No, he's not a giant, we were at a model village

The arm belongs to Chris

With his sister Helen

Visiting us

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Terrible Twins

My two eldest daughters aren't really twins, but might as well have been. For six weeks of the year they are the same age.

Marie-Claire and Helen

Although Helen is the taller of the two, she is actually the younger. They are about six or seven here. A few of years later, they went out and committed a terrible crime! When going to our local park, they took a short cut through the cemetery. They saw a fairly recent grave with pots of flowers all over it. Nearby they saw a neglected and rather ancient grave, so took a pot of flowers from the first one and put it on the neglected one. It made them sad to think that nobody cared for whoever was in there. Someone called the police! They bought them home - two very scared 10 year olds. They explained to me what had happened and gave them a warning not to commit such a heinous crime as this again. I know that technically it was theft, but they performed this act out of the kindness of their hearts, and it scared them to have to be brought home by the police at such a young age. As far as I know, they've never committed a crime since.   

Helen - don't know who owns the helicopter!


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Meet The Other Half

My husband Chris is 67. Doesn't look a day over 66 does he?  He enjoys watching golf on TV. Augusta, Georgia in the US  is his favourite venue, because of the beautiful Azaleas and the layout of the course. He was surprised and disappointed to find out that many of the bird sounds that could be heard while play was taking place, were pre-recorded.

Chris at Skegness

This is when he was Best Man at our son's wedding

Chris enjoys gardening when he gets the chance. He hasn't yet managed to take any photos of the Thorpe Acres this year, but he hopes to soon. So here are some of the best from previous years. You will notice that Acres is a slight exaggeration when you see our proverbial 'pocket handkerchief' patch. 





2007 - when we still had grass

Back to 2013


Back to 2007 - is all this time traveling making you dizzy yet?

Ah, the hanging basket - got a new one now

Hydrangea 2013 - you should see it now!

Nicotiana 2013

The front garden 2013, looking a bit sparse compared to nowadays

I thought it might be appropriate to add one of my own poems here:

Gardener's Lament

We cleared out the garden today:
it really was time
as the weather was fine
and the grass was looking like hay.

The Roses were all overgrown:
while the Dandelion weeds
had spread all their seeds
among the Potatoes we’d sown.

The Slugs and Snails had a rave:
they all gobbled through
every plant they could chew.
There wasn't that much left to save.

And so we built a bonfire:
chucked everything on,
our gardens now gone.
One allotment, half acre, for hire!

More of the garden later, be prepared to find out more about our family next time.

Monday, 22 June 2015

First a few photos, or as I like to call it "Gallery of Horrors"

Me aged 3 - everybody - Ahhhhh

Me again (actually they're all me at the moment) 25 this time

Getting on a bit now, 36 in this one

62 in this one, and having chemotherapy

One year after chemo,

Well, that's enough of me. Next time I'll introduce you to some of my long suffering family members. If they are still talking to me that is.

It begins here.

It seems everyone is writing a blog nowadays. Even my technology phobic daughter has one. But what to write a blog about?

I've had to give up most of my hobbies, unless you call falling asleep in my chair a hobby. I don't work. I'm no longer an avid reader, and I don't do as many crosswords as I used to. I do write the odd (very odd in some cases) poem. Then there's my ailments! I don't mean my ingrowing toenails, or sinus problems. So all I have to write about really is my life, such as it is. My family, home and garden. Here goes then.