Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gardens 2015

Before I move on to our youngest daughter, I thought you'd like a few more garden photos. These were taken today, Saturday 27th June 2015, by Chris.

We have deer in the undergrowth

Along with a couple of flamingo, here is one of them

Hanging basket full of Impatiens

A hardy Fuchsia


A beautiful tub of Roses, ferns and another hardy Fuchsia 

Mealworms in the border

A Heron

Red Rose

Aruncus Sylvestris, Spindle Tree and bird feeders

White Rose

Next time, meet Miss Pond.

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  1. Wow wow wow ( I'm sure that's a kylie song! O well I only quote the best ) that is one seriously well looked after garden it's just a very great shame dad didn't pass his green fingers on to me and kept them for himself. Well just for that dad I won't pass on my vintage tat to you, what do you mean " good!".