Monday, 29 June 2015

Introducing Miss Pond

Our youngest daughter Emily, AKA Miss Pond, is about to be embarrassed. For a start, she hates some of the photos I've chosen - this one for instance, when she was 8 months old and had no choice in what she was going to wear. A dress and bonnet hand knitted by yours truly!

I think she looks quite sweet. The next one is even worse in her opinion. We were trying to grow out her fringe. So it was either leave it to dangle in her eyes, cover her head with a scarf or hat, pin the fringe up with masses of grips and hair slides, or my own unique style - tie it up in a bobble.

I think she'd lost a couple of front teeth too, hence the strange smile! 

We often went on holiday to the East Coast, and would have to buy lots of cuddly toys for her, so we needed a separate bag just to take them home in. This photo was taken inside my parents' caravan at Ingoldmells. We went here for several years, until mum and dad had to dispose of it.

Murky, Lurky, Gordon the Gopher, a smiley bag, and someone whose name I've forgotten

Emily in her school uniform

As you can see, she has by this time taken charge of her own hair. No more odd looking top knots, wonky bunches, or pigtails at an odd angle. Her hair grew really long, and we were both very proud of it. When she needed a trim, she had to stand up while the hairdresser knelt on the floor. I wasn't allowed anywhere near it at all. Wonder why?

At an animal petting farm in Ingoldmells

With her sister Helen 2011

This last photo with Helen was taken at our youngest son Jonathan's wedding. More of him next. 

If you would like to see some of what Emily calls her 'lovely tat' visit her blog at:


  1. Good heavens! Who is that? That's " jabba the Hut " isn't it.? Why is he having his photo taken with Helen?

  2. It was Darth Vader's day off. LOL.