Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Meet The Other Half

My husband Chris is 67. Doesn't look a day over 66 does he?  He enjoys watching golf on TV. Augusta, Georgia in the US  is his favourite venue, because of the beautiful Azaleas and the layout of the course. He was surprised and disappointed to find out that many of the bird sounds that could be heard while play was taking place, were pre-recorded.

Chris at Skegness

This is when he was Best Man at our son's wedding

Chris enjoys gardening when he gets the chance. He hasn't yet managed to take any photos of the Thorpe Acres this year, but he hopes to soon. So here are some of the best from previous years. You will notice that Acres is a slight exaggeration when you see our proverbial 'pocket handkerchief' patch. 





2007 - when we still had grass

Back to 2013


Back to 2007 - is all this time traveling making you dizzy yet?

Ah, the hanging basket - got a new one now

Hydrangea 2013 - you should see it now!

Nicotiana 2013

The front garden 2013, looking a bit sparse compared to nowadays

I thought it might be appropriate to add one of my own poems here:

Gardener's Lament

We cleared out the garden today:
it really was time
as the weather was fine
and the grass was looking like hay.

The Roses were all overgrown:
while the Dandelion weeds
had spread all their seeds
among the Potatoes we’d sown.

The Slugs and Snails had a rave:
they all gobbled through
every plant they could chew.
There wasn't that much left to save.

And so we built a bonfire:
chucked everything on,
our gardens now gone.
One allotment, half acre, for hire!

More of the garden later, be prepared to find out more about our family next time.


  1. Aahh my lovely daddy! Who I think only looks 50 and the garden is just stunning. You should put in that post dad goes in the garden to get away from your cough! Make sure my post has only pretty pics please, we don't want to scare away any potential followers xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I added one of my poems since you last looked. Got some great pics to put up when it's your turn to be star of my little blog. Richard next.