Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Gingernut

I love red hair. I've always loved red hair. So when Richard was born - with red hair - I was delighted. As a small child, it was a lovely coppery colour, and curly. Now it is a dark brownish red, but still red.

The stripey blob in the background is me!

As a baby, he was very placid and easy going. When he was able to sit up alone, if one of his sisters sat next to him, he would lean on them. Some say that's laziness, maybe they're right. He got on quite well with his sisters, and they would sometimes condescend to let him join in their games - on one condition. He either had to be the man of the house who went out to work, so had to play quietly in the corner and not bother them. Or he would be the pet dog, and sit quietly in a box in the corner, and not bother them. By the way, he is 6 foot 3 inches, happily married with two children. So playing 'dog' doesn't seem to have harmed him at all. 

Looking very ginger

No, he's not a giant, we were at a model village

The arm belongs to Chris

With his sister Helen

Visiting us

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  1. Looks like a hard nut now too with that beard, either that or the devil! Xx