Monday, 20 July 2015

Long Eaton and Sawley, Derbyshire

The following blog pages are a nostalgic look back at two villages and their development into a thriving town. I hope to give a flavour of life in Long Eaton and Sawley through the years. Like most towns, Long Eaton is continually growing and changing, as new developments are introduced, such as the pedestrianisation of the High Street and Market Place. I hope you find the information interesting, and that the photos I've chosen enhance this.

First an overview.

Long Eaton Market Place

Long Eaton is a market town, and was once a thriving industrial town, with the lace making factories and the industries related to that, such as lace machine manufacture. The canals and later railways facilitating this. The town's recorded history began with its entry in the Domesday Book as "Aitone", an Anglo-Saxon name, probably meaning "farm between streams"

Long Eaton Parish Church and War Memorial

Long Eaton library

One of the library windows

The band stand on West Park, Long Eaton

Sawley was a poorer community of tenant farmers, but its early development was due mainly to its command of a river crossing. The old English name for Sawley was Sallé, meaning "hill where willow trees grow".

Old Sawley Manor House, no longer exists

Bothe Hall, Old Sawley

Sawley Community Centre and Memorial Hall

Sawley War Memorial

Sawley All Saints Parish Church

Next time I will concentrate on Long Eaton


  1. Lovely overview of the town and the pictures make it look quite pretty but I have a question; where is that war memorial located in Sawley, I didn't recognise it at all? Is it new? It's nice to have two historians as parents xx

  2. It's on Tamworth Road, on the corner of Lock Lane, near to where KAM's MOT centre is.