Sunday, 5 July 2015

Our Son, the Tech Guy

Jonathan is the youngest member of our family (not including grandchildren of course). How shall I describe him? Don't let the smiling photos fool you. He spent the first 3 months of his life crying. I tried everything. He wasn't hungry, he didn't have wind, his nappy was clean and dry, he hated being swaddled up in a shawl, he hated being sung to. Mind you, with my raucous singing voice, that's hardly surprising. The only time he really stopped was when he was feeding, or when we took him out in his pram. Then one day I made a breakthrough. Normally when I winded him, I sat him on my lap and rubbed his back. He hardly ever had wind, as he was fully breast fed. One day though, I put him over my shoulder - silence! I twisted my head round to see what he was doing. At that time we had a three piece suite with a very complicated check pattern. Jonathan was scrutinising the pattern of lines, following them along with his eyes. BINGO! The poor baby was bored out of his brain.

Aged 3 weeks

6 months, asleep at the seaside

Aged 1, with Marie Claire and myself at Twycross Zoo

4 years old at my parents' caravan

He has always had a very active mind, so as he grew, and became able to entertain himself, things improved. Lego was our salvation. Oh the complicated vehicles and buildings he thought up. Drawing too. No, not pretty pictures of flowers or animals. They were technical drawings! The problem being, that if one line was wrong, he'd tear the whole thing up and start again. Erasers weren't an option. He always used pens or felt tips as pencils tended to break which would send him into a frustrated fury.

Aged 14, at home

His great loves are, his wife Rachel (obviously) photography, computers and paranormal investigations. Both he and Rachel are part of a group called Twilight Paranormal. Rachel is a sensitive and developing medium. Jonathan is the tech guy. He keeps all their equipment in good order, and has designed their website too. He uploads any audio or video recordings that were made on their investigations. He's never happier than when he's surrounded by bits of computers, anything technical in fact. I think at last he is happy.

Top Gun? No, Top Skegness Sand Train

Lovely Ice Cream

With his lovely wife, Rachel

Next time I'll post photos of our daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

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  1. Love the pic of him asleep in his pushchair, so cute! Very much looking forward to yor next post xxx