Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pet's Corner

They say we Brits are animal lovers. I love wild animals and birds, but not too keen on pets as they take too much looking after. That said, I have had pets in the past. When I asked my family and friends for pet stories and photos, I was hoping for a bit more response, but here we go.


I was about 12 in this photo with my then best friend Diana (yes, that is an outside lavvy behind us). My cat Smutty, who I was given when I was about two years old, is sitting on top of the rabbit cage which contains Goldie, although you can't see her. Sadly Smutty died shortly after this photo. Mum though he might have been poisoned by someone. 

A few years after this photo we moved to a larger house with a bigger garden, and Goldie - always an adventurous bunny, escaped. Dad and I spent a happy, damp afternoon chasing her through the neighbours gardens. A veritable paradise for a rabbit. All those salad veggies to nibble through. In spite of dad having a fishing net on a long handle (I wish I had a photo of that) he never managed to catch her. Most of the neighbours stood up in their bedroom windows watching and wondering what these two loons were up to. Embarrassing for a 15 year old, which I was at the time.

Mum, dad and Tara

This delightful, but rather tatty photo is of mum and dad at the seaside, with my sister's Afghan Tara. In spite of the exotic female name, Tara was male. He adored my dad, who broke his heart when Tara died of liver disease. They did eventually get another dog, a spaniel/Jack Russell cross called Sam. Sadly I have no photos of Sam, who I always thought looked like a black and white Basset Hound. He should have been called Hoover, as when they took him to their caravan in Ingoldmells,used to hoover up all the chips people had dropped.

Emily's cat, also called Miss Pond

Miss Pond (Emily has a Dr Who fixation) is the grumpiest cat ever, according to Emily

Campbell's cat Bertie

Bertie looking confused

Bertie, according to Emily, is the most stupid cat ever. I think he looks a bit like my Smutty, but thinner. I'm not surprised he looks confused living with two Miss Ponds.


Probably the cutest dog in the world

Mr Marley is my sister Anita's 15 month old Shih Tzu. She got him as a puppy from a local lady who has Marley's parents. When I was in hospital, Anita took some of my washing home - no, ALL of my washing home. After it was all clean and smelling nice Marley pinched a pair of my socks from the top of the basket and ran around the house with them in his mouth. They were still intact when I got them back again. 

RA Famous Mobsters are my RA friends. We are 10 crazy ladies who all have Rheumatoid Arthritis. We stay in contact through Facebook and support each other when we are feeling ill. Don't know what we would do without each other. Most have a dog, but I only managed to get these two photos. 


Freddie, an 18 month old blonde labrador. He is being trained by Carole for the "Dogs Do"  the disabled/assistance dogs based in Banbury. Oxford. He is a  soft mouthed dog, chosen for intelligence and diligence. He is sociable, eager to please, friendly and good around all ages. Born in Cumbria, Freddie has a brother called Frankie. Also a disabled assistance dog. Dogs do is a great Charity. They get no funding from the government. All through fundraising. Carole says it is great to be part of a team.


Debbie's Max, is a much loved family pet. He has a glossy black coat and very perky ears which make him look alert and intelligent - which I'm sure he is.

Next time, our town Long Eaton, and our village, Old Sawley, Derbyshire.


  1. I had no idea Tara was male and that dog would be a total fortune today, loving the lovely old photos and you don't half look like grandad on that one. Same face shape. On the second photo of Bertie he is actually looking hopefully at miss pond's dish to see if there are any leftovers, it was the only time they were still enough to take photos of them, sodding cats! Can't wait for the posts on my home town and village, I know you will have some amazing photos to show xxx

  2. O yes and as for the original Miss Pond, she will purr and hiss at you at the same time and has mastered the art of chuntering perfectly if you so much as say hello to her, but I love her. I'm surprised you didn't have photos of topsy our cat when I was growing up, it's no wonder these pets give us dirty looks half the time when we give them stupid or wrong gender names. I don't half sound like a pleb stood at my back door shouting "miss pond, Bertie " in a sing song voice every evening! I'm sure they dawdle on purpose just to enjoy my humiliation a bit longer.