Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wives, Lovers, Significant Others and Grandchildren

I'm going to do this section in reverse order and begin with Jonathan and Rachel. 

Signing the register

They married at Cleve Lodge, which is the local Masonic Hall. A beautiful Edwardian building. Nobody but our group were there - except staff of course, and we had it for the whole day. It was wonderful and I read out one of my poems written especially for the occasion.

A Celebration

Let's have a celebration
for the marriage here today
of Jonathan and Rachel,
for their love and harmony.

We've heard them make their promises,
full of joy and pride,
we see them look so happy,
our son and his new bride.

Welcome, Rachel, to our family.
Welcome to our hearts.
Take our best wishes with you
as your life together starts.

You've made plans for your future,
a lifetime filled with laughter.
Today we share your pleasure,
and wish you 'Happy Ever After'.

Rachel at home, Christmas 2013

Jonathan at home, Christmas 2013

Miss Pond and her two boys next. 

Emily and Alex

I'm including Alex on here, as she is Emily's best friend, confidante, seamstress, furniture restorer, painter, decorator - and chauffeur. Alex is married to claude, not only is she his wife, she is his carer as he has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. Their van, which is adapted to take Claude in his wheelchair to his various appointments, also doubles as a removal van for various large items Emily buys from Vintage Fairs and/or Ebay. 

Emily was married, but is now very happily divorced. She wouldn't be able to indulge in her new vintage lifestyle if she was still married, but she is free to do so now. Here are her two gorgeous boys.

Chester aged 15 with the typical mean and moody look of a young man of that age

Campbell aged 13 looking super intelligent in his non vintage specs

On to Richard and Nicola, and their two grown up children, Oakley and Willow. Willow is the only girl among my grandchildren.

Nicola and Richard 2014


Oakley with Willow

Willow aged 15

Nicola and Willow are both into handicrafts and Willow is holding a teddy and a cushion she made for me. She has a few learning difficulties, but has done very well at her mainstream school. She now attends a local college which supports young people with problems. She loves it there.

Helen and Emma

Helen got married to Lee's dad when she was 16. It didn't last long. Next she had a relationship with Reece's dad - probably equally short. The next relationship lasted a few years, that's with Shay's dad. They are still very good friends, but no longer together. So, meet Helen's new partner Emma. They have been together for just over one year, and are very happy. All three of Helen's boys adore Emma and would like them to get married or at least have a Civil Ceremony. 

My other gingernut Lee



The special cake Emma made for Helen's 44th birthday

Well, that's your lot for now. I'll have a little rest before the next one. I'll be talking about pets. Friends pets, family pets. 


  1. Wow that's the first time I've seen lee since he was small. How gorgeous is he! I like that Alex is my significant other, because she is really. And willow is adorable xx

  2. I think we might be a bit biased though. xx