Sunday, 30 August 2015

Butterley Vintage Trains

On Saturday 29th August, our son Jonathan and his wife Rachel took us to the Butterley Midland Railway Museum, Ripley in Derbyshire. The weather was perfect for a day out, sunny with a little cloud, warm but not too hot, with a gentle breeze. 

The first thing we looked at was the indoor model railway layout.

No Chris, it won't fit in our bedroom!

There were so many things to see, we didn't have time to fit it all in. But we did get a ride on one of the vintage trains. This carriage was 3rd class, but quite comfortable.

Back to the future?

This is the Wedding Belle train, which can be booked, but we couldn't get on it. Anyway, there were more interesting things to do.

Wedding Belles are ringing.

The second train we took a ride on was the Ashover Light Railway. It was quite noisy, but very exciting. It took us through some amazing woodland which we were told was home to foxes, rabbits, Little Owls, and Buzzards could quite often be seen flying overhead. Sadly we didn't see any of these, just a couple walking their dogs and a man on a bicycle. 

Filling up with water for the return journey

Chatting to the driver after the ride.

Checking the wheels

To the woods!

These photos were taken inside the exhibition hall, which was full of engines and carriages in various states of disrepair.

Looks familiar!

Thank goodness for all the seats!

Another familiar name.

My luggage

Half way through our visit we went to one of the cafeterias. Chris and I had poached egg on toast, Jonathan had a cheese and tuna toasted sandwich with salad and crisp and Rachel had the same, minus the tuna. We all had a huge mug of coffee.

Later on, before leaving, we popped into the second buffet room where we had buttered scones with jam and a mug of tea. It was a really interesting trip, but we were quite tired when we reached home. 

As well as the vintage train weekends, there are Diesel and steam weekends, Teddy Bears weekends, 1940s weekend, 1960s weekend, and several other events. To find out more visit:

or telephone: 01773 570140


  1. Very glad to see more photos of my lovely family, as you weren't on many that you sent via email. I love butterly, we have been for "Thomas" weekends when the kids were small. There is lots to see but it's the rides on the gorgeous trains that I love the most. I will have to go again and pretend I'm an extra on Poirot, something I do a lot really! Xxx

  2. I only emailed the ones that weren't already on here. No point having the same ones. So, do I call you Miss Pond, or Miss Lemon?

    Did you go shopping on Saturday and get the piece you wanted from the Heart Foundation? I told Rachel you were envious of us going and she said you could have met us there!! Wish I'd known that before, but you had told me you had plans anyway. Looking forward to your next one - unless you already have one there because I haven't looked yet, will go right now. I'm beginning to ramble, so off I toddle. xx