Monday, 28 September 2015

Our Garden's Now Gone

Gardeners Lament

We cleared out the garden today:
it really was time
as the weather was fine
and the grass was looking like hay.

The Roses were all overgrown:
while the Dandelion weeds
had spread all their seeds
among the Potatoes we’d sown.

The Slugs and Snails had a rave:
they all gobbled through
every plant they could chew.
There wasn't that much left to save.

And so we built a bonfire:
chucked everything on,
our gardens now gone.
One allotment, half acre, for hire!

Slight exaggeration, Our garden is much tinier than half an acre! But most of it has gone. Now it's autumn, the plants were getting a bit leggy, very chewed up by slugs and snails and looking more like a jungle than a traditional pocket handkerchief suburban garden. I don't actually have any photos of our almost empty garden, so here are some photos of other gardens. 

This garden is associated with the Bloomsbury Group

Roses and Lavender, a classic combination

For me, the Delphiniums are the highlight of this garden

A walkway leading to a relaxing seating area looks very inviting

Bright colours massed together to provide a delightful display

Mixed planting among grasses with an enticing view of the house beyond

A traditional cottage with a lush lawn and planting - lovely

You can almost smell the blossoms and feel the sun's heat in this view

An unusual Japanese style garden

I hope these lovely photos have fed your imagination with ideas for next year's planting.

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  1. I love the photos and wish I had inherited my dads green fingers. I love seeing pretty cottage gardens the most and would love to have one along with a veg and herb garden, a lot to ask from a person who has been known to kill a plant just by planting the ruddy thing. Xx