Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Mum

Sorry, but it's another sad post. Today (10th November 2015) would have been my mum's 85th birthday. She died on November 13th, three days after her 80th birthday in 2010. Here is a photo of her when she was 17 years old. Dad had this turned into a Bakelite ring with the picture somehow imprinted into it. He seems to have mislaid it though, but here is the original black and white photo, probably taken on an old Box Brownie.

Grace Anita Gregory, later Tomlin

It's actually a photo of a photo so it looks a bit fuzzy. It would have been 1947, so just after the Second World War. I think my vintage mad daughter Miss Pond will love the hairstyle.


  1. Too true, how pretty was she at that age. How on earth can grandad have mislaid the ring. I would have snapped that up pronto! Shame there are no other photos but I guess you don't have many. Xx

  2. This one was from dad's collection, he has loads. I bet the ring has been put in a proverbial 'safe place' that nobody can ever find. xxx

  3. I do think that Emily looks similar to your mum around the eyes and nose xxx

  4. Everyone I know has said the same Alex. x